Horoscopes: week beginning April 7

Horoscopes: week beginning April 7

ARIES: Aries is in a lovely escapist mood during April 9-11. There’s a temptation to snuggle up in bed all day, go to the movies, or go somewhere near the water. Discussions and plans for career or business advancement proceed well during April 10-12, although you will need to address some problematic issues.

TAURUS: April 9-11 promote dreams and visions for Taurus, perhaps bringing that ideal job your way. You’ll particularly enjoy any social events scheduled then. Keenness of mind and clarity of perception is featured during April 10-12, enabling you to steer a successful path: a good time for students, travellers and advertisers.

GEMINI: Gemini is at their creative best during April 9-11, which is best employed on their chosen career path. You’ll capture someone’s attention with your exceptional talent. Personal application to financial interests will prove to be successful during April 10-12. Your understanding of a work or health matter is advanced.

CANCER: Cancerians can luxuriate in exotic travel escapades during April 9-11, or escape from the real world by travelling through the intellectual realm. You absorb info and ideas easily then. Discussions and plans that hinge on another party’s involvement will fare well under the celestial trends operating during April 10-12. You’ll feel fortunate.

LEO: Your dreams are of a financial nature during April 9-11 when plans and visions seem to be perfect. This maybe so, but don’t drift too far from reality into gullibility. You’re putting your mind to work during April 10-12, which may see the birth of an ingenious plan that will enhance your home life, finances and work potential.

VIRGO: Virgo can’t escape the romantic trends operating during April 9-11, resulting in special developments within a marriage. Enjoy the moment. Singles will find other people fascinating. Your life is evolving to allow for more interaction with one of your children, the development of personal talent, and room for romance. April 10-12 is a significant time.

LIBRA: April 9-11 is a very creative time when Libra is able to produce beautiful work. For those seeking employment, this time is one when you could easily land that ideal job: look for it. Attention to detail during April 10-12, whether planning or dealing with problems, ensures the smooth transition of changes around your home and property.

SCORPIO: Beautiful, dreamy, romantic trends weave their way through Scorpion lives during April 9-11. These same trends are also indicative of good fortune positive developments with children. Whether you are aware of it or not, the manner in which you communicate is changing. Transitional factors weave their way through your life during April 10-12.

SAGITTARIUS: Home life is idyllic during April 9-11, being a peaceful safe haven from the outside world. You may turn a creative hand to redecorating your home then. You possess a clearer vision of how to reach those financial and career goals during April 10-12. Discussion and co-operation with someone close is influential.

CAPRICORN: Compassion, love, and idealism permeate your words during April 9-11, endearing you to those around you. A lucky occurrence brings a smile to your face. April 10-12 is a good time for reflection and planning, for the acquisition of knowledge and the advancement of goals. Change is in the wind.

AQUARIUS: There are excellent trends for earning money through creative and artistic endeavours during April 9-11. If looking for work, follow your dreams then. Concentration on problems, investigations and discussions will do much to improve your position in life during April 10-12. This is a good time to discuss money.

PISCES: Your inner beauty and sensitivity just glows during April 9-11: it is hard not to love or appreciate you then. Beautiful things occur then, including romance, improving your life. Determination plays an important role in getting what you want during April 10-12: coupled with a plan, you can’t go wrong. Good people surround you.

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