Nannup Clock Tower to close this Sunday

Nannup Clock Tower to close this Sunday

A partnership breakdown between a landlord and the Nannup Clock Tower maker has resulted in the world's biggest wooden pendulum clock closing down for good.

Nannup resident Kevin Bird, who created the clock over 15 years, said he was feeling saddened after being instructed to remove the clock by May 5.

The clock was officially opened to the public in mid-January on Nannup's main street, after a project to move the clock from Mr Bird's property and construct a building was privately funded by community members.

Mr Bird said there was not much that could be done and the landlord was well within their legal rights.

"It is a shame, we offered to lease the building but they declined. There is not much we can do they own the building," he said.

"Now I am preparing scaffolding to take it down, I have until one week from Sunday night."

The building's owner Heather Walford said she was absolutely gutted the clock was being removed after only operating for three months.

Ms Walford said it had been going so well, but the partnership broke down to such a point they had to make the decision to dissolve the attraction.