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Rock, funk, reggae, hip hop: Fish Out Of Water plays Settlers Tavern on Friday May 24.

Rock, funk, reggae, hip hop: Fish Out Of Water plays Settlers Tavern on Friday May 24.

Rock, funk, reggae, and hip-hop. This is exactly what bathrobe-toting, funk thumping, Fish Out of Water plans to bring to Settlers Tavern next week.

Over the past fifteen years, the band has developed an entertaining, all original live show by combining these musical styles into one formula known as RoPhunk RaeHop, pronounced "row-funk-ray-hop".

Touring full time for almost a decade has allowed the band to develop into a well-oiled rock, funk, reggae, and hip-hop machine.

The patience of founding members Brandon and Kyle Moon has finally come to fruition this past year with their fifth and most sonically sophisticated album, Married to the Music hitting the road with them along with their latest single, Stacking Stems.

Growing up together as cousins born one month apart, Kyle and Brandon started the band in San Luis Obispo and later moved to Southern California to pursue a larger demographic.

The two switch between bass and guitar and share duties on vocals. They began to take on what they call "monster tours" coast to coast across the US, and eventually, through their touring in the Hawaiian Islands, landed in Sydney in 2011.

The group has performed well over 2000 shows since the year 2000 and have shared the stage with The Wailers, Fishbone, G-Love, Groundation, and many more.

Providing what they promise is the most diverse show on the planet, Fish Out of Water continues to keep people guessing and more importantly to them, keep people dancing.

"The rock takes you back to a day where musicians did really rock and the hip-hop is a conscious flow over a rhythmic hip dropping beat.

"The reggae has a heavy ska influence but can also be a 'one drop' smoke anthem."

The latest tour will mark their fifth Australian visit and will see them traversing the continent from April to June 2019.

Fish Out of Water play Settlers Tavern on Friday May 24 from 9pm. Visit www.settlerstavern.com