Plenty to do on our waterways this Spring

Great catch: Recently caught crayfish and Down South Camping staff member Byron George with a nice Black Arse fish. Photo: Supplied.
Great catch: Recently caught crayfish and Down South Camping staff member Byron George with a nice Black Arse fish. Photo: Supplied.

With the demersal ban about five weeks away, spring is a great time to focus on other forms of fishing, whether it's shore based, estuary or even some freshwater action.

Spring is a great time to pack up a picnic with the family and head off to one of the South West's dams or rivers in our pristine countryside.

WA Fisheries has spent years stocking these waterways with Trout, and there are now healthy stocks of these fish, which can be targeted by using spinner baits, hard body lures and bait.

A small ball of bread, a corn kernel or even an earthworm will also catch this species.

If you catch a Redfin perch, which is classed as a pest, don't put it back - no matter what its size is. Despatch it in a humane way, keep it to eat or dispose of it properly.

They are aggressive feeders that eat anything, including our native fish species and marron, and are caught mostly on lures and soft plastics.

Skippy continue to be a regular catch for those who have been making the most of the recent conditions but Herring have been a bit "hit and miss" lately.

There have been several Flathead caught, with some measuring up to 50-60cm.

These tasty fish can be targeted along our coast with a light/medium spin outfit and a small tackle kit with a mix of lures and soft plastics.

Bait is also an option, with white bait and coral prawns a good place to start but they will take most baits.

As an ambush predator who lay in wait for their next meal, they are great for this kind of fishing. The key to success is covering a lot of ground.

Reports of great size pink snapper from the Busselton Jetty and off shore have been filtering through.

If you are a keen angler with the right gear, the right time of day or night and just enough patience, you will be rewarded.

Snapper, Black arse, dhuie's and nannygai have continued to be caught from boats not only from Augusta - but right through to Geographe.

These demersal species have been caught mainly on baits (USA Squid), although quite a few anglers are trying soft plastics ( Abrolhos Paddle tail - glow, bullwhip minnow - glow) and there has been a few guys out using jigs like Octa and slow fall Abrolhos.

With the conditions not very favourable for diving recently, those who braved the conditions have been rewarded with some great captures of both fish and crayfish.

In the next few weeks we will be holding a crayfish/freediving information evening.

If you are interested in attending please drop in, ring 97588966 or email us via

Numbers are limited, so get in early to reserve your place.