Play serves up funny feast at Margaret River HEART

The next theatrical production from the talented members of the Margaret River Theatre Group will open later this month at the new Margaret River HEART studio theatre.

The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband is a black comedy featuring a trio of local actors, who along with director Peter Kirkwood, have been chalking up late nights and long days of rehearsals.

Mr Kirkwood said despite it's provocative title, the play addressed the concept of the 'eternal love triangle'.

"Due to a disturbing anecdote once told to me, I decided to look at a scenario that many of us have faced, and that is the cause and effect of betrayal in a long term, profound, romantic love," he explained.

"What better way to do this in theatre than by portraying the eternal love triangle?

"A three way relationship based on the most basic of human emotions, and as a contrast, humour on a number of different levels.

"So, I looked for a script that could allow me to do this in a way that wasn't too maudlin, judgemental or didactic.

After reading a number of possibilities, Mr Kirkwood discovered The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband script.

"Written by Debbie Isitt, this very well crafted pitch black comedy, with such a provocative title, demonstrates what many people have experienced."

Mr Kirkwood said he was pleased to be working with the local team, after many years directing community theatre in various locations around Australia.

"Directing any community theatre play anywhere can be a challenge, and Margaret River is no different," he said.

Carolyn Forte gets to grips with Kelly Cleary in The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband.

Carolyn Forte gets to grips with Kelly Cleary in The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband.

"However, the Margaret River Theatre Group has one big advantage and that is in its leadership, committee, members and helpers.

"I am very impressed with the commitment, dedication and talent of this cast and crew.

"They work to an extremely high standard and coupled with first class support from an excellent Production Manager - another MRTG member - and indeed all other members who are helping with the show, they have made my experience directing this play a very enjoyable and rewarding one."

The complex and demanding story stretches the three actors - Kelly Cleary, Carolyn Forte and Mark Robertson - to their limits.

"With little set and only one prop all the actors really have to rely on is their acting ability and memory.

"This cast are exemplary in their professional attitude, tremendous talent, strong work ethic and absolute determination to excel, and they are supported by a backstage crew of the same ilk," said Kirkwood.

The thought-provoking play tells a story through very clever, witty dialogue and action, of love, betrayal, jealousy, humiliation, treachery, deceit, passion, sex, food and cooking.

"It will take the audience to the highs of happiness and laughter, and to the lows of sadness and tears and everywhere in between," said Kirkwood.

"As I like to call it, the audience will definitely be taken on an 'emotional roller coaster ride'.

"I expect all patrons to feel empathy for one character or another and to leave the theatre energised, polarised and vigorously discussing who they support and why.

"In fact patrons can expect a night of total entertainment that will continue well into the drive home and probably through the day after as they discuss who was in the right and who was in the wrong."

The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband is on October 25, 26 and November 1 & 2. For tickets visit or call 9758 7316.