RSL warns of Veterans fundraiser phone scam

The Western Australian branch of the Returned & Services League of Australia (RSL) has issued a warning over scammers attempting to collect money under the guise of a veterans fundraising appeal.

In an email provided to RSL sub branches, it is explained that the scam is currently operating in Tasmania.

"RSL Tasmania State Branch has been made aware of a current telephone scam where the caller identifies themselves as the 'RSL' and then proceed to ask for donations to the 'veterans appeal'," the email stated.

"This is a total scam as there is no 'veterans appeal'.

"Please be very wary of receiving this type of call and hang up immediately."

The notice said the scammers were using numbers bearing the 03 area code and could confuse people wanting to donate to their current Poppy Appeal.

"The RSL's Poppy Appeal is currently being conducted, and it is quite clearly identified as the Poppy Appeal.

"The RSL will never solicit donations by telephone."

To make a donation to the RSL Poppy Appeal, visit