Marron season in full flight | Fishing & Diving the Capes

What a fantastic start to the summer fishing season!

We have had plenty of days to head out on the water - or down to the beach to catch ourselves the elusive BIG one.

All reports from the boaties are that they are finding plenty of Dhuies with a smattering of pink snapper, nannygai (Bights Red Fish).

The latest target has also been the mackerel, they have been caught and speared up and down our west coast in the last two weeks but are still only in small numbers and are not to be found in big schools yet.

Crays in the pots are hit and miss, we are finding that the guys who go each day to bait up and check their pots are getting their fair share, the others who are only going occasionally to check them are getting fewer.

Most are saying that the tuna heads are the best bait to use.

Divers are finding it harder to get crayfish compared to earlier in the season when they were thick in the water.

With the marron season in full swing be sure to check your licence is up to date and all the latest information on the Fisheries WA website.

The site has information on legal methods of capture, snare-only waters (Margaret River is one of these), closed waters, size limits, and bag limits et cetera.

Quite a few parents have popped in to enquire about how to catch these tasty little critters, and using berley pellets to entice them out of their hiding spots is a good start.

Land based fishos have reported heaps of King George whiting along the coast - especially down in Augusta.

Flathead have continued to be caught with some great fish being landed - these guys can be found lying in wait in one of the many gutters or reef holes in the area and are easily targeted with prawn or squid baits and also are suckers for soft plastics in various patterns with small minnows working a treat.

Herring has been a little more elusive, however if you persist you will get a feed.

The mulloway and tailor have been targeted with most using either live baits or mullet on ganged or snelled hooks.

It seems that a large number of parents have cottoned on to taking the kids fishing this school holidays.

Not only is it healthy for all - its cheap and you may end up with something for dinner at the end of the fun activity.

The beaches around Augusta, Dunsborough, Busselton and of course our local Redgate and Boodjidup beaches will see good chances of catching your dinner.

Don't forget to also take along a squid jig or two as these creatures are a treat to eat.

Until next month, happy fishing and diving across the Capes!