Hot interior design tips for summer

FRESH: Open the doors and fill your home with the scents of summer. Photo: Supplied
FRESH: Open the doors and fill your home with the scents of summer. Photo: Supplied

The arrival of summer is so close you can taste it, and with that comes the natural desire to redesign and redecorate to mark the change of seasons.

Summer is all about spending time outdoors and reconnecting with loved ones during the holidays, and using these lifestyle changes as inspiration you can incorporate the best parts of summer into your home.

Founder and lead designer at EB Interiors, Emma Buchan is renowned for her elegant interior design work that transforms homes through quality materials, beautiful textures and a meticulous attention to detail.

"As we transition into summer, it's all about incorporating subtle changes to make your home feel lighter and brighter," she says. "Through a few simple steps, you can revitalise your space and create an uplifting space ideal for the warm and balmy months."

Emma has compiled this list of five simple ways to freshen your home this summer.

1. Embrace neutrals

Colour is one of the easiest ways to refresh a space, particularly when entering the lively summer months. Crisp whites, sage greens and soft wheat-coloured neutrals offer a subtle yet timeless palette, providing a strong base for decorating. These neutral tones can be incorporated into your space as feature wall colours, or displayed through accessories like cushions, throws or vases.

As on-trend as neutral colour palettes are right now, they are also incredibly classic, so you can be sure the changes you make today will still look good in years to come.

A colour change in bedlinen or a new muted, abstract art mural for your wall may be all you need to refresh your space, or, if you're looking for a major revamp, you can refresh your colour palette from the walls through to your furniture, décor and bedding.

2. Blend the indoors and outdoors

With temperatures rising, it's hard to ignore the sunlight streaming through the windows, so why not bring the outdoors in?

Creating an outdoor, alfresco space is a great way to blur the line between indoor and outdoor. Patios, balconies, courtyards and terraces can all act as extensions of indoor living areas.

Whether you're trying to attain your perfect sun kissed glow, or you're hosting a cocktail party on your patio, there are endless options when it comes to outdoor furniture; opt for durable, comfortable pieces that will blend into your garden environment.

3. Introduce texture

Evoking a sense of warmth is inherent in summer and can be achieved through the layering of textures. Muted linens and rattan materials are central to this year's design trends, instilling a contemporary, yet subtly bohemian flair. Layering contrasting textures through furniture upholstery, cushions and throws creates depth and makes a space feel more complete. When it comes to layering, the more the merrier - just keep going until it feels right!

4. Arch, curve and soften

Curves are re-entering the interior design world, with their ability to soften a space with their organic shape. Free-flowing lines let curves mellow their surroundings, creating a delicate yet sculptural look. There are many ways you can incorporate this trend into your home, such as adding arched mirrors to give the illusion of more space and help to heighten a room.

Rounded ottomans and armchairs, curved vases, shelving and even bedheads are a great take on this trend, and allow you to add curves in a really timeless way. Arches help to strike that perfect balance between trend-led design and classical styling, ensuring the curves you introduce today will be just as relevant several years down the track.

5. Incorporate the scents of summer

Transforming your home for summer is all about reinvigorating the ambience to ensure it's reflective of the warmer months, and changing up the scent may be all it takes. Incorporating a classic citrus aroma will naturally evoke a summery feel, but opting for a more unique scent such as basil, cucumber or cherry will transform your space and enhance the sweet, earthy and organic energy of this season.

Scented candles, hand soaps, oil diffusers or even room sprays are the perfect final touch to make your home a balanced and harmonious oasis.

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