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21 years strong in Esperance & Geraldton

Rabobank Esperance team. Picture supplied
Rabobank Esperance team. Picture supplied

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For the past 21 years Rabobank has been a welcome presence in Esperance and Geraldton, and it was a milestone celebrated with local farmers from across the region.

Erin Green, a dryland crop grower from Yuna, is grateful to have had Rabobank by her side for the past 21 years.

Support every step of the way

Like many farming families, Erin and Brady Green have navigated the seasonal and market cycles of agriculture, whilst juggling succession planning and their personal business goals.

"Over the past 21 years our vision has evolved into reality. Despite some tougher drought years, and Brady's parents transitioning out of the business, Rabobank has supported us every step of the way and helped us grow our business," Erin said.

As long-term Rabobank clients, Erin said she was proud to partner with a bank that focused on agriculture, and was so committed to the family, and its cropping enterprise 'Carrawingee Farms'.

"Farming is often inter-generational, and of course cyclical, and it's reassuring to know Rabobank has been with us through these generations and cycles."

"However, it's the personal aspect of Rabobank that we value the most," Erin said, with the Greens happily considering their relationship with their managers as genuine friendships.

"We had a fabulous partnership with Ross Jones before his retirement, and now we're very happy to have Kathy Brown supporting us - she knows agriculture and banking - and we're looking forward to her input into our business and goals."

Rabobank Geraldton team. Picture supplied
Rabobank Geraldton team. Picture supplied

Celebrations to mark a milestone

With the Geraldton and Esperance branches recently celebrating 21 years in the community, it's a milestone that reflects Rabobank's long-term commitment to local farmers, and the region.

Honouring over two decades, the Geraldton and Esperance branches hosted two celebratory events, providing an opportunity to reflect on the agricultural gains of the past 21 years.

Erin and Brady both attended the Geraldton gathering, and said it was always fun catching up with friends from across the various local regions.

Esperance Area Manager Ryan Meldrum said it was a privilege to have worked with so many progressive and innovative farmers over the decades.

Rabobank's almost 20-year sponsorship of grower-led group SEPWA was a source of pride, helping arm local growers with technical research and trial work.

"As a bank by farmers, for farmers, making a meaningful contribution to agriculture and the community underpins all our decision-making," said Ryan.

Erin Green (left) & Claire Ryan, Rabobank at the 21 year celebration. Picture supplied
Erin Green (left) & Claire Ryan, Rabobank at the 21 year celebration. Picture supplied

A commitment to community

This year, the Rabo Client Council also marks its ten year milestone in Western Australia.

True to Rabobank's cooperative values, the Rabo Client Council network is a client-based committee that develops meaningful grass roots initiatives to support key themes focusing on agricultural education, rural health, sustainability, and bridging the rural urban divide.

As a former Chair of the Western Australian Client Council, it's another aspect of Rabobank that Erin is proud to be associated with.

"Members have the ability to give honest feedback on Rabobank's strategy and operational offering, and the bank has its eyes and ears on the ground ensuring community funding is provided exactly where it's most needed."

The Teacher Farm Experience Program - whereby urban teachers are hosted through local farm stays to gain valuable first hand agricultural knowledge and experience - is one initiative which Erin believes has had a great impact, as has the ongoing Financial Skills Workshops being rolled out across the state.

"Whether it's providing teachers with the on-the-ground experience they need to educate our next generation on agriculture, or upskilling our farmers to help strengthen their farm businesses, the Rabo Client Council delivers real outcomes and I've thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity over the past 10 years."

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