Be a part of your town's transition

TRANSITION Margaret River invites everyone interested in the future of Margaret River and the Capes region to attend a community ‘open space’ event 2-5pm on Sunday, July 22.

Participants will address the question ‘How can we make the Margaret River and Capes community more co-operative and resilient?’ by considering ideas raised by people on the day.

Some topics suggested at the recent June film night include local food, renewable energy, improving walk and bike trails, a local product and skills exchange scheme and improving the parks.

Spokesperson Felicity Haynes said people around the world are creating happier, fairer and stronger communities by working together to address local issues linked to global economic uncertainty, climate change and energy supplies.

“Transition Margaret River is hosting this event to get broad input into the issues, ideas and projects that matter most for us as we create a sustainable future here,” she said. “This is part of a process that will lead to Transition Margaret River linking and fostering both existing and new community initiatives. Everyone is welcome.”

The event is at Montessori School Hall, Clarke Rd, Margaret River.

Cost is $5 at the door.

For information contact Felicity Haynes on 9757 4014, or