Top Australian baby names for 2018

Hot tips for 2018.  Photo: Shutterstock
Hot tips for 2018. Photo: Shutterstock

If you're expecting a baby in 2018 and you're still struggling to come up with the perfect name, then here's a list for your perusal. The team at Babygaga analysed data from the last few years to come up with a prediction of what's hot for the year ahead. While there are some old and familiar favourites from previous years (Charlotte, Amelia, Oliver and Jack to name just a few) if you're after something a tad more unique, there are also some surprising new additions such as Sadie, Kai and Corin to choose from, too.

Let's take a closer look at the predictions:

Top 20 Girls:

1. Emma -  Meaning "Universal", Emma came in at number 28 of the most popular Australian girls names of 2016. Could A-listers Emma Stone and Emma Watson be influencing the use of this classic name?

2. Charlotte - Already popular with Aussie parents, this French moniker topped the list of girls names last year. It means "feminine".

3. Sadie -  A name yet to crack the top 50 in Australia, (perhaps because of its association with John Farnham's song "Sadie the Cleaning Lady"?) this moniker means "Princess". 

4. Violet - This pretty french moniker was number 37 last year in Australia. It has increased in popularity since being given to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's daughter in 2005.

5. Kennedy - This unisex name means "Chief with helmet". It was nowhere to be seen in the top 50 names in Oz last year, so if you're after something unique it could be worth a spot on your list.

6. Savannah - Sneaking into the top 50 at number 41 last year, Savannah means "treeless plain".

7. Penelope - Meaning "dream weaver", could this classic name be seeing a revival thanks to Kourtney Kardashian's daughter? Australia data shows that Penelope was the fastest rising girls name of 2016.

8. Victoria - The classic, Victoria, means "Winner, conqueror." It was given to 201 baby girls last year.

9. Ellie - Meaning "light", this short name has been popular but not too popular with Australian mums and dads, coming in at number 42 last year. It's a sweet alternative to top twenty names Ella, Emily and Eva.

10. Hazel - This is the second time the name Hazel has popped up on a most popular list this year. Meaning "The Hazel tree", this moniker was the 19th most searched name on Nameberry back in July. 

11. Natalie - Meaning "to be born", Natalie dropped out of the top 100 list in Oz last year. Perhaps it's time for a comeback?

12. Luna - This name may have increased in popularity thanks to Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's adorable daughter. It means "the moon".

13. Rylie - A unisex name meaning, "Valiant", Rylie has yet to become a hit down under. 

14. Aurora - This name, meaning "Goddess of the dawn", was given to 220 babies in Australia last year (coming in at number 78 on the list).

15. Scarlett - Consistently red hot with Aussie parents, last year Scarlett fell just outside the top 20 names, appearing at number 21.

16. Nora - Meaning "light", this name was number 30 on Nameberry's most searched list.

17. Zoe - Short and sweet, Zoe, "life" came in at number 13 in Australia last year.

18. Amelia - Popular with Australian mums and dads, this name, which means "Industrious, admiring", was given to 1362 baby girls last year.

19. Harper - Another unisex name meaning "harp player", this moniker, which rose from 24th from 19th in Australia last year, was given to David and Victoria Beckham's daughter in 2011 - and has been popular ever since.

20. Stella - Meaning "star", this Italian name snuck into the top 50 last year in Oz, landing at number 40. Matt Damon and Ellen Pompeo both have daughters with this name.

Top 20 Boys:

1. Finn - Simply meaning "Fair", Finn is a popular but not too popular choice in Oz, coming just outside the top 50 in 54th place last year.

2. Jack - Originating from the name "John", Jack took out the bronze medal for boys names given in Australia in 2016.

3. Atticus - Meaning "Father like", while this literary name didn't crack the top 100 monikers in Oz last year, it did come in at second place in Namberry's most searched names this year, indicating that it's oh-so trendy right now.

4. Oliver - A firm favourite with Aussie mums and dads, Oliver topped the list of boys names last year, given to 2283 little ones in 2016.

5. Theodore - This "divine gift" of a name, came in at number 66 last year in Oz. It surged up the charts 30 spots, the second fastest climber after Harvey.

6. Reuban - A Hebrew name meaning "Behold a son", Reuban was absent from the top 100 boys names in Australia last year, making it a unique choice.

7. Dylan - Meaning "born from the ocean", this moniker was given to 429 Aussie baby boys last year, taking out the 59th spot.

8. Corin - A unisex name meaning "spear", Corin is one of the more unique names on this list of monikers to watch.

9. Adam - Coming in at number 75 in Oz last year, this name means "mankind". 

10. Alexander - "Protector of mankind," this classic name, which George and Amal Clooney used for their baby boy earlier this year, came in at 15th place in Australia in 2016. 

11. Daniel - Meaning "God is my judge", Daniel is a popular choice with Aussie mums and dads, given to 671 baby boys last year.

12. Christopher - Falling out of favour with Australian parents in recent years, this name means "Christ bearer".

13. Brandon - Meaning "little Raven' Brandon is another name yet to take off in Australia. Instead, Benjamin, Blake, Beau and Braxton are the B names leading the charts.

14. Logan - A unisex name meaning "small cove", Logan reached number 41 in Australian last year, given to 712 baby boys in 2016.

15. Joseph - Meaning "God will increase", the name Joseph came in at number 60 last year in Oz.

16. Hunter - This moniker was a popular choice in Australia in 2016, scraping into the top 30 at number 28.  It means "one who hunts".

17. Lucas - Meaning "light" this name is a top ten choice in Australia, taking out 9th spot last year.

18. Kai - A unisex name meaning "ocean", Kai came in at 69th place in Australia in 2016. Donald Trump Jr, has a daughter called Kai, born in 2007.

19. Jasper - Meaning "semi precious stone", the name Jasper was given to 258 babies last year in Australia, taking out 81st place. It was also number 7 on Namberry's most searched list, so expect to see a few more Jaspers in the playground in years to come.

20. Isaac - Coming in at 20th place in 2016 in Oz, the name Isaac, which means, "he will laugh", is consistently popular with Aussie mums and dads.