Whales take a quick break in Flinders Bay | Photos

Director of Whale Watch Western Australia, Leanne Sharp said Flinders Bay provided a sheltered home away from home for visiting Humpbacks.

"[The whales] are travelling to the very top of WA in search of their calving grounds located predominantly in the Kimberly region," she said.

"For many of the whales Flinders Bay may be their first sighting of land since leaving Antarctica and many are in need of a quick rest.

"Flinders Bay provides a safe area for many whales to rest and of course after resting, it is time to socialise!

"Also being the start of their breeding season and with so many whales - 50 to 100 individuals at any one point in time - all moving through the bay it is the perfect place for these Humpbacks to socialise, flirt and compete to find their mate."

Ms Sharp said Whale Watch WA tour operators would see the arrival of Southern Right whales from the start of July.

"Flinders Bay is the most northern Southern Right whale nursery ground located in WA and as these whales are still endangered it is a vitally important location for the survival of these species as they raise the next generation."

J"uly onwards we start to see the arrival of the Southern Right whales, being larger than the Humpbacks they won't need to travel as far to find suitable nursery grounds.

"Heavily pregnant females arrive and give birth to calves in the shallows of Flinders Bay where they will raise and nurture them for a couple of months."

Ms Sharp said the start of whale watching season had been positive.

"We have had an incredible start with spectacular surface activity, many healthy Humpbacks and a very early start to the Southern Right season with our first sighting on May 31.

"The number of whales continues to increase each season and the population growth has been estimated at between 8-10 per cent each year."

Tourists from overseas were very keen to experience the Augusta whales, however Ms Sharp said locals and Perth visitors were just as curious about the ocean giants.

"WA, and especially Augusta during the winter time, has some of the best whale watching opportunities in the world."

Whale Watch WA is offering a special School Holiday discount until July 21, with children able to tour free on a family pass purchase.

For more information, visit whalewatchwesternaustralia.com