Holiday home owners reminded of approval requirements

Owners wishing to use their properties for short stay accommodation are reminded to first obtain planning approval from the Shire of Augusta Margaret River.

Shire Chief Executive Officer, Stephanie Addison-Brown said the increase in community members listing their properties for short stay accommodation has been a hot topic not only locally, but across Australia and around the world.

"Digital technology is making it much easier for people to list their properties for short-term rent, however Shire approval is still needed.

"Renting out your house, or even rooms within your house in a bed and breakfast manner needs approval.

"The Shire has particular controls around this type of land use, in order to maintain the affordability and availability of housing, and to preserve amenity for our permanent residents," she said.

Ms Addison-Brown said approvals were typically granted for a limited period and required renewal to remain approved.

"To help ensure the short stay rentals being advertised are authorised, the Shire periodically checks online listings against its register of approved rentals.

"So please get in touch with our planning team if you think your approval may have expired, or if you are thinking of listing your property for short stay accommodation," she said.

The penalties for operating a short stay house or rooms without approval can be significant and the Shire would like to remind everyone of the need to obtain prior approval.

To obtain an approval for short stay accommodation, visit the Shire's website

Alternatively contact the Shire directly for further information at or by calling Planning Services on 9780 5220.