Little LEGO legends get creative for competition | Photos

It was a family fun-fest at the Village at Margs shopping centre on Sunday, where the first ever Margs Cafe LEGO Competition took place.

Kids of all ages entered the event, which allowed builders to create whatever their imaginations allowed within the allotted time.

The young entrants were given free reign with heaps of LEGO bricks in all shapes and sizes to create their vision for the competition.

Margs Cafe owner operator Deborah Carter said the day was loads of fun for everyone, including organisers.

"It was just such a soul enriching day and by far the best thing I have ever done," Mrs Carter said.

"It was surreal - a room full of children, yet the whole room was quiet... concentration levels were through the roof!"

The event was such a success that there are plans to hold one every school holidays, and three over the summer months.

Congratulations to winners Kacey (aged 12) 'Space Scene'; Charlotte (aged 10) 'Good and Evil'; Moss (aged 6) 'Battle Scene'; Frankie (aged 10) 'Beach Scene'.

Winners can collect their prizes from Margs Cafe during opening hours.